Requires a consistent presentation at every point of contact with the public, in print, on-line, at location, exhibition displays. I will provide your company the right corporate image to effectively communicate to your target market.


At trade shows you’ll have just a few seconds to get visitors interested... or drive them away. Get a display design that sends just the right message to your customers before you even get the chance to speak to them.


Have your product dressed to impress, just like someone at a job interview. Möbius² can create packaging that will captivate your customers and display your company as trustworthy, innovative and professional.

social media graphics

An understanding of how users are interacting within social media platforms is the key to implementing a social media plan that will deliver your message effectively and with your brand in mind.


Anything you need for your business materials: delivered. All collateral I design is crafted to represent your business effectively, with years of experience creating: brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, pamphlets...

editorial design

- Catalogs
- Books
- Magazines
- Annual reports
- Newsletters